Photos of the construction of the stadiums of the World Cup 2014

February 2012 – FIFA visited the stadiums of the World Cup 2014; according to the news, “FIFA officials have often said preparations are behind schedule and Valcke has already urged Brazilian politicians to speed up the process”.

FIFA released photos of the current situation of nine of the twelve stadiums. We are about 26 months away from the kick off of the World Cup 2014, and 16 months away from the Confederations Cup 2013. The photos can be a good source of comparison, when time comes to evaluate the stage of the stadiums for the Russia World Cup 2018.

Mineirao, in Belo Horizonte.

Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro; already confirmed as the stage of the final match of the Cup.

National Stadium Mane Garrincha, in Brasilia.

Castelao, in Fortaleza; the city was appraised by FIFA, and became strong candidate to host the final draw, one of the major events of the World Cup.

The four above stadiums are confirmed to host the Confederations Cup in June of 2013; works should be finished by December 2012.

Arena Pernambuco, in Recife.

Arena Pantanal, in Cuiaba.

Arena Corinthians Itaquera, in Sao Paulo. It was the last one to start, but, being Sao Paulo the economic and financial center of Brazil, Corinthians had not much trouble to find fundings – and prices for naming rights are already being discussed.

Arena das Dunas, in Natal; the most delayed of all. It there is a host city running the risk of being called off from the Cup, that would be Natal.

Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador. Arena Fonte Nova and Arena Pernambuco still aspire to host matches of the Confederations Cup 2013; FIFA will assess the works in June 2012, and will decide about the inclusion of these two cities.


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